Empowering everyone
to be creative

Be Creative Always

A Sense of Purpose

Dr Innov8tion is born out of the need to build a community of creative thinker and technopreneur. Whether you are just starting out of if you are already running a business, you and your staff need to constantly provide new idea for your business. Innovation is what separate you from your competitor. Innovation is the key to success.

At Dr. Innovation we also see a need to assist company to instil a culture of creativity. We have created a program to channel new ideas from the staff to the management. This program will also build a creative thinking workforce within the organization. Change is inevitable and thus creative ideas is needed constantly to meet the market demand.

Here’s What We Do

We focus only in the field of creativity and innovation. Let us assist you in this domain. We provide service for 2 main groups of people: for individuals and for corporate companies

Programs for Individual

The 7-steps Methodology to turn ideas into innovations. This is a proven method that works and it has produced results. Hence, we have designed 4 programs according to the sequence starting from Step 1 to Step 7.

Program for Corporate Companies

A company management tool designed specially to promote a culture of creativity within an organization. This program is ideal for private companies, large company and government departments.