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7-Day Challenge For You To Discover Your Own Talent

The Secrets To Create A Brilliant Idea In Just 7 Days.

  • If You Are Thinking About "Thinking Out Of The Box"
  • If You Are Thinking Of A Career Change
  • If You Are Thinking Of Starting A New Start-up
  • If You Are Thinking Of Expanding Your Existing Business

Then You Have Come To The Right Place.

Why Is Innovation Important?

The world is so competitive. If you are not creative and innovative enough, you will suffer. But we are fortunate that we have a human mind that is extremely powerful. Here at Dr Innov8tion, we will guide you in discovering and realizing your true creative potential. 

Dr. Bugs Tan

Bugs Tan has 16 national awards to his name. He received the National Innovation Award from the Prime Minister in 2007. In 2009, he was honoured in India with an International Excellence Award for Innovation. In 2012 he was inducted into the Innovation Hall of Fame at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. In 2018, Maybank recognized him as an Un-Sung Hero for his invention of a mobile shower for the Homeless people.
Over the past decade, Bugs has created a string of indigenous inventions, of which some are sold in the market place. One of such exceptional product is the Litewalk steel grating panels which are used on oil-platforms and heavy industry.

You May Think You Are Not Qualified To Become A Technology Developer…… .
Do you know that there is a simple technique to generate new ideas with iSketch form…?

Change Is Inevitable...

This world is not a perfect place. There are many things we can create to make it better. Be observant is the starting point. Look at things around you at home, work or play
– Dr Bugs Tan

Creative Thinking Formula: OSNAC
Proven Formula To Give Birth To A New Idea ​

Paying forward…..

Creativity has changed my life. Hence, it is time for me to pay forward. This 7-Day Challenge is specially designed to get you started. The Challenge is the first step for you to take to enter into the world of innovation which I’m sure it will change your life too.

Mind is like a magical toolbox.
It has all the tools that you need to create a new technology

In This 7-Day Challenge, The Topics Covered Are...

Step 1: Technique to generate new ideas
Step 2: Check the values of your idea


In this challenge Dr Innov8tion has designed a few tasks for you. Your tasks will be revealed to you through a designated DRS System  after you have sign up the package.

We are more than just an education platform. We actually have a community of people aspiring to be technologists - just like you! At Dr Innov8tion we share know-hows and support each other...

Dr Bugs is a practicing inventor himself. He has been in this field for more than 20 years. He has gone through the ups and down in this industry. He is here to "hold your hands".

Here Is An Example Of How A New Idea Comes About...

Problem Statement

Step 1 – Start by identify a problem

How to Prevent People From Over Eating


Step 2 – Then contemplate on the issue



New Idea

Step 3 – Then think of a solution to solve it

I’ve got an idea:-
Create a technology where the system has an algorithm that could calculate the amount of calories of the food on my plate

It is time now to take action so that you have the KEY to enter into the innovation sphere.

Here's what you will get in this program

Resource Center
You will get 13 Videos + Articles ($100)

You will get 13 articles on the Tips for Inventor where Dr Bugs has graciously revealed to you the secrets on how to generate creative and innovative ideas. He is a practicing inventor and he has gone through the mill. He will relate some of his real life personal experiences so that you can pick up important points for yourself and for your projects. There are also 13 videos to correspond to these 13 articles.

Besides that, You'll get a set of INVENTOR Kit

Items in the Inventor Kit

1. Creativity & Innovation Book 1 ($ 15)

2. iSketch Form ($5)

3. Scoring Sheet - ($5)

4. Interpretation Of The Points ($5)


As If That Wasn't Enough, There Is Mysteries Prize To Be Won!