How do you instill a culture of creativity in a company?

We Can Help You With CIPCO 2.0 Program

What can you get in this program

  • Harvest hundreds if not, thousands of new ideas
  • Ideas that reduce material wastage
  • Ideas that reduce time to complete a job
  • Ideas that reduce the usage of space
  • Ideas that reduce manpower and the consumption of energy
  • Turn some of the good ideas into intellectual properties

What is CIPCO 2.0 Program?

CIPCO program is a company management tool designed specially to promote a culture of creativity within an organization. This program is suitable for company and government departments. This program runs for a few months with specific task to be carried out. The program involves the staff through a specially designed system call DRS. The DRS System will reach to each and every one in your company on their mobile device. Employee of all levels and from all departments and from all branches within the group of company will interactive with the system at the time of their convenient. In this package, we will provide videos and article to guide your staff how to give birth to new ideas. New ideas will also be deposited through this system. CIPCO program creates a thinking workforce within a short period of time. It will also bring personal benefit to your staff and thus making them long term valuable assets.

How does this program work:-

  • Dr Innov8tion provides a specially designed DRS SYSTEM to run the CIPCO program
  • This DRS System is delivered to your staff through the mobile device
  • Your staff can interact with this system anytime and anywhere at their conveniences
  • Dr Innov8tion will provide articles, videos and tools for your staff to create new ideas
  • Everyone in your company is asked to submit a new idea through the DRS system
  • Competition is held for your staff to submit the best idea for your company
  • This program runs for 6 months where it will create a culture of creativity in your company

Letter of Testimony

Track record of CIPCO 1.0 Program

Here are some of the organizations who has gone through the CIPCO program and have benefited from it.