Dr Innov8tion has designed 4 packages for you. These 4 packages will cover the 7 steps that will take you from learning the method on how to give birth to a new idea and turning it into a prototype and moving on to making it into a finish product and finally, putting the product into the market place. In each package, you are asked to do certain task. Dr Innov8tion will take you through this course with technique and skill which you will learn. When you go through these programs and complete those tasks, you learn the subject matter hands-on and this will give you the real knowledge on how to turn ideas into innovation

Dr Innov8tion Package for Individual who wish to learn more about creativity and innovation, we have 4 exciting programs for you:-

Level No 1

The program is designed to let you discover your own creative talent. We have formulated a simple technique that leads you to give birth to new ideas. We shall also share with you a simple method to check the value of those ideas. This is interesting especially for people who have never created any invention before.

Level No 2

In this program we discuss about the ways to raise fund for your projects. We also discuss about how to find time for you to develop your project. And more importantly we discuss about the method and ways for you to turn your idea into a prototype. We shall discuss about how to do prototyping so you can demonstrate the proof of concept (POC)

Level No 3

In this program we discuss about how you can protect your idea. More importantly we shall discuss about the importance of intellectual property (IP). We shall also touch on the various types of IP available and its purpose. Then, we will also discuss about how to put a value onto the technology that you have just developed.

Level No 4

This is the most important part of the whole journey of turning an idea into innovation. We have arrived at the edge of the commercial world and here we discuss about the 5 options that is made available for you. That is:-

a) Selling you IP out-right
b) Licensing
c) Joint Venture
d) Venture capital
e) Solopreneur

How the program works

We have created a 7 steps methodology to turn ideas into innovations. This is a proven method that works and it has produced results. Hence, we have designed 4 programs in accordance to the sequence starting from step 1 to step 7.

You are advised to sign up one program one at a time. It is advisable that you start from program no. 1 – The 7 Days Challenge. Once you have completed that, you move on to program no. 2 – The 14 Days Challenge. And you do in this sequence until you have completed program no. 4, that is, The 28 Days Challenge.

"We're not here to teach, but to help you generating result..."

You learn new knowledge and skills through experiential learning

In each program, you will be given:-

1) A few videos and articles that guide you to understand the specific subjects for that particular program. This will widen your knowledge; provide you with new set of skills and more importantly, these videos and articles revealed some hard hitting secrets that will lead you to discover your own talent

2) In each program we have designed different assignment and task for you to do. You’ll be asked to complete those tasks within a time frame. By having to do those assignments, you will get experiential learning. This it will lead you to a better understanding of what it takes to turn a raw idea and make it into a successful business. The journey is long but it is necessary.

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